Contributing evidence of choice and change when using Open Educational Resources: a workshop

Tina Wilson 1, Patrick McAndrew1, Richard Miles2, Grainne Conole1
1The Open University, UK, 2Leeds College of Art and Design, UK

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a vast array of free course materials. The Open Learning Network (OLnet) is a research project, which started in March 2009 and is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. A major technique adopted in OLnet to uncover what has been achieved with OER (by MIT, OpenLearn, OpenER and others) is to undertake a host of facilitative workshops. This particular workshop explores the reuse of content already published on OpenLearn (as part of the CAPITAL project funded by Becta).The workshop will involve the audience in considering how they would reuse OER in their own teaching practice. The session starts by exploring the steps involved in:- Reusing OER and,- Researching OER in terms of techniques and tools.This is followed by a brief discussion from an academic who reused OER in their educational practice. The academic will discuss how they developed and changed the design of their teaching materials to accommodate OER and students’ reactions to this material.Participants are invited to take part in activities designed to engage them in the process of reuse.- 20 mins. Exploring steps involved in reusing and researching OER (presentation + discussion)- 10 mins. Accommodating OER in teaching practice (10 mins institutional presentation)- 60 mins. Group work & discussion – how to reuse OER and assess the quality of OER.In the group work section participants are given the opportunity to share their own views and experiences whilst working together to reuse a sample OER. The audience will be split into groups to carry out the analysis steps of reusing OER through examining an extract of candidate OER material published on OpenLearn. Tools and guidelines will be provided to help this stage. This will be followed by a discussion of benefits, limitations and issues. By the end of the workshop participants should:1) Have an understanding of the steps involved in reuse of OER content within teaching practice.2) Have hands on experience of tools and guidelines.3) Be able to plan and describe relevant ways to reuse OER with references included